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Remember when we were 16 and we used to drink insane amounts of vodka & sing Say Anything before everyone else caught on.
& adventures NEVER went wrong because we hadn't developed brattish tendencies yet hahaha.

Remember the first time we went out and we sat behind TJV's merch table all night paraletic, the only time we've been trusted to try and sell merch despite the state we were in.
& I was in love with a stupid boy that wouldn't even matter now but he did then because we were so green and it was fun.
& then we went to Big Hands properly for the first time & EVERYONE was in there. EVERYONE.
& then we walked all the way to Jilly's and you tripped up 4645 times because of the amount of vodka that had been consumed.
& then we had our first experience of our fake ids being denied but because we were still such nice girls we didn't care and just jumped on a bus back to Big Hands, not even throwing a tantrum that the aforementioned boy hadn't come back for us because we just didn't care about stuff like that.
& then we scouted out who was in Big Hands and found Ben Young & MXPX people, completely switching tours cause we got skillz.
& totally rescued our night despite the fact we would have been perfectly happy with it anyway.
& then we sat in yucky gemini for ages which is clearly no Abduls.
"I'm the devil!"
& then we went back to the Matches bus for our first "bus party!" that was actually us stood watching the R kelly video for about 5 hours with the maple state.
& EVERYONE was at the buses.
& then you almost fell out of the matches tourbus "don't lean on the door it opens" so you leant on it hahaha.
& then finally leaving at like 4am and those people trying to steal our taxi!
& then getting home super late and your parents being distraught, oh the shape of things to come!

Also remember when Anthony from AFS suddenly decided he loved us.
Crazy what a glass of alochol in your hand does!
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