laura (stopyourvoice) wrote in never_the_rwg,

The 'To Do List'

To Do Before We're 21...

1. Go to New York and Chicago

2. "Bus Party!"

3. Be given backstage passes

4. Sit behind the merch table

5. Have a song wriiten about you [abbey]

6. Run out of a restaurant without paying

7. Carry on the party at a band's hotel

8. Get a lift from the band to the next show

9. Corrupt the Christian boy

10. Be on a band's website

11. Let a band stay at our house

12. Be down and hip with the mental man

13. See the holy band again and go drinking with them

14. pool party

15. watch bands from the side of the stage

16. become z-list celebrities

17. Be on a dvd but never the r.w.g
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